Arteza Review – Are These Art Supplies Worth Your Money?

Arteza Review - Are These Art Supplies Worth Your Money (1)

Arteza is a large art supply company that sells pretty much any art supply you could want. 

We’re talking drawing tools, painting tools, craft supplies, paper and books, paint; all the common things you may need as an artist.

Yet, art supply companies are pretty broad and common and with the advent of internet shopping they have become easier to use yet a little harder to trust.

Gone are the days when you could walk into the art supply shop and finger the bristles, feel the texture of a canvas, or the way that pen feels on the page.

Just looking at images online can often lead to a Russian roulette between quality and price. It’s become harder and harder to know which companies to trust without having personal experience with them.

This is where we come in, we have used and reviewed these products so you don’t have to use your money for. Read on to find out.


Arteza actually offers pretty inexpensive art supplies in comparison to other art supply companies. While pricing may vary, Arteza are generally a good $5- $10 cheaper than their competitors. 

Moreover, Arteza has utilized the benefits of internet advertising and marketing through getting bloggers and YouTubers to review their items and providing lots of coupons and discount codes through these influencers.

These discounts can be used on their website, although not on Amazon listings. This is actually how we found out about the company ourselves.

It feels important to preface the review with this fact that Arteza are a lot cheaper than their competitors.


The quality of their goods are generally in line with their pricing; while their products may be cheaper they don’t always deliver on quality.


Arteza Hobby Knife Kit, Set of 17 Pieces Including 13 Steel Blades, Precision Knives with Precision, Trimming, and Cutting Handles, and Cutting Mat, Craft Supplies for Stenciling, Sewing, and Baking


For instance, their Hobby Knife Set. In this knife set you get lots of blades that are fairly useful.

Each blade attaches to one of three handles that they provide.

One thing I have to say about this, is that they aren’t the safest. We wouldn’t recommend giving these to a child.

The knives themselves are held only by a magnetic strip which makes it very easy for them to fall out.

Moreover, there are no sheaths or any protective guards for the blades. You could quite easily cut yourself trying to take a blade from the box.

Again, the cutting mat itself is around 7 inches x 3.5 inches.

While the mat looks so thick it could handle a Stanley Knife, the mat is so small that it's basically useless.

You could barely cut an A4 piece of paper on the mat without doing it in two cuts.


Kuretake ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush 80 Colors set, AP-Certified, Flexible Brush Tip, Professional quality, Odourless, Xylene Free, Easy to creat narrow and wide lines, Made in Japan

Brush Pens

We also looked into the 48 Piece Premium Real Brush Pens Set. These are supposed to imitate real paint brushes.

These work fine for the price but are definitely at the lower end of the market in terms of quality, but also price. 

Previous customers made a fuss about there not being names for the colors of each pen, but now Arteza have added these and we are fairly happy with this product. 

There are, of course, still some customers who report bristles falling out, and random pens losing their ink too fast. 

Moreover, there are definitely some better pens sets out there that are much better quality, if a lot more pricey, such as Kuretake ZIG Real Brush Pens.


Arteza Kids Tempera Paint, Set of 16 Colors, 13.5 fl oz, Nontoxic Poster Paint, Art Supplies for Finger Painting, School Projects, and Crafting


Another product worth looking into is their paint supplies. One offer that stands out is the sets of 16 or 13 Tempera Paint Colors.

The prices remain pretty competitive with other paint supplies, so how does it hold up in terms of quality?

Well, it depends on what you want from the paint. Many customers report the paint itself is pretty watery for a Tempera paint.

While kids may still have fun with the paint, an artist may find the paint too watery and translucent to use on something they want to really be proud of. 

Moreover, the colors are so out of whack.

The red here is actually more of a rusty orange color, and if you actually want orange you better like it to be neon, because that’s the only choice. 

The point is that if you want TRUE colors, you won’t find them here, but there are plenty of metallic and neon colors for some reason. 

On the one hand this is a product aimed at children, and they certainly won’t care where their paint comes from, but on the other hand, painting is a great way to teach kids colors, but this set could just confuse them with neon and metallic colors that aren’t what we consider the ‘true primary’ colors that you do want to teach kids.

Yet, we can give Arteza props for making these paints safe. The paints are importantly non toxic and all that good stuff.

Our Final Verdict

Arteza is a massive art supply company that provides a lot of different tools for art for a low market price. Arteza can definitely compete with the market in terms of price. 

We can guarantee you will save money by purchasing Arteza products and you can save even more money by utilizing their discount codes and coupons which are littered on YouTube and other social media sites.

Yet, we can’t recommend these products if you are looking for quality art goods

The paints are thin and pretty strange colors, the pens are usable but not the best out there, and the knives are usable but also just lack a bit of common sense and logic when it comes to making their product practical and safe.

Are Arteza’s products worth your money? For the price you are paying, yes. Arteza’s products are totally fine if you want to spend a little less money.

For those who want good quality art supplies that will last them for a long time, consider another brand a little higher up in the market. We hope that you can get some use out of these art supplies!