Best Baby Gates for Spiral Staircases

Baby gates are a great investment for parents who are dedicated to keeping their little ones as safe as possible. It’s only natural for babies to want to explore their environments, but that’s not always the safest activity for them, especially when spiral staircases are involved. 


Luckily, certain baby gates are suited for spiral staircases, ensuring that your child isn’t able to accidentally injure themselves on the stairs. We’ve put together this review of some of the best baby gates for spiral staircases to help you find the perfect one for your home. Read on to learn more.



Dreambaby Boston Magnetic Auto Close Baby Gate - Indoor Safety Gates - Fits Opening from 24.25-26.5inch Wide & 29inch Tall - with Smart Stay Open Feature - White


This sophisticated baby gate from Dreambaby features an auto-closing mechanism to ensure that the gate is never left open and that your baby will always be safe.


It’s important to note that this baby gate will only fit openings of 24.25” to 26.5”. It will not fit any opening smaller than 24.25”, and if you have an opening larger than 26.5”, you’re going to have to purchase an additional extension.

The pressure-mounted gate is easy to install in any stairway, hallway, or doorway that fits the aforementioned measurements. With its pressure-mounted installation, setting this gate up is a piece of cake, and this gate is especially useful for temporary or rental homes.

The magnetic closure system will automatically close and lock the gate behind you to ensure that you never leave it open. It does this each time the gate is opened regardless of how far you open the gate.


  • Versatile application 

  • Easy installation process 

  • Secure pressure-mounted setup 

  • Useful for temporary accommodations 

  • Magnetic auto-closure system 


  • Very specific measurements 



Summer Infant Extra Tall & Extra Wide Safety Gate, 29.5 - 53 Inch Wide & 38' Tall, for Doorways & Stairways, with Auto-Close & Hold-Open, Grey


If you live in a home with particularly large hallways, doorways, or wide stairwells, then this may just be the perfect baby gate for you. 


As the name suggests, this is an extra-tall and wide baby gate that is suitable for larger homes or homes with rather large openings that regular baby gates would not be able to cover entirely. The gate is 38” tall and can fit openings that are between 29.5” and 53” wide. It has a wide door, as well, to make walking through it easier. 

The gate comes with an installation kit to make the setup process as easy as possible, and you’re going to need these tools for hardware mounting. You’ll also receive three extension frames with your purchase. 

Summer Infant also includes an auto-close feature with this model that gently closes the gate behind you, as well as a hold-open mechanism to keep the door open for added convenience. Another benefit to this gate is that it can also work for your fur babies. 


  • Extra-large dimensions 

  • Included tool kit 

  • Extension frames included 

  • Auto-close and open feature 

  • Suitable for pets 


  • Door is heavy 

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Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways Adjustable 30-40.5 inches Walk Through Baby Gate with Door,Dog Gates for The House Indoor Safety Child Gates for Kids or Pets Pressure Mounted Metal Auto Close


This is the perfect baby gate to mount at the top or bottom of your staircase to ensure that your baby doesn’t hurt themselves walking up and down the stairs unsupervised. 


This Lemon Tree baby gate is made from metal, which means that it is fairly durable and resistant to damage. That also means that it may be slightly hazardous to your little one. If you can, be sure to pad it to ensure that your baby doesn’t hurt themselves on it. 

Because it is pressure-mounted, installation is a breeze. The setup process is extremely simple, and you don’t even have to punch or drill any holes in your wall, making this great for temporary homes. 

If you open the gate less than 90 degrees, the gate will close itself gently behind you, preventing it from being left open. If you open it more than 90 degrees, it will stay locked open, allowing you and your baby to easily walk through. 


  • Made from durable metal 

  • Adjustable to fit openings 

  • Easy installation 

  • Auto-close if opened less than 90 degrees 

  • Stays open past 90 degrees 


  • May require padding 



Walk Thru Baby Gates for Doorway and Stair, RONBEI Auto Close Pressure Mounted Wide Indoor Safety Gate for Opening 35''-37.8'' or 29.53''- 31.5'', Height 30', Ideal Barrier for Toddler and Small Dogs


This is the perfect gate for both your young ones and your small pets, making it a versatile option for pet owners and parents. 


The gate uses a pressure-mounting system that acts like tension rods. You don’t have to do any drilling to set the gate up, and it won’t do any damage to your walls. This is perfect for folks who don’t like to drill holes into the walls. 

Like the previous gate, this one closes automatically or stays open depending on how wide you open it. If you open it at less than a 90-degree angle, it will gently close behind you, whereas if you open it further than 90 degrees, it will remain open until you close it. 

This RONBEI gate features a double-lock system that is easy to open for adults but impossible to solve for little ones. It can also be opened with one hand for added convenience. 


  • Pressure-mounting system 

  • Auto-close feature 

  • Double-lock mechanism 

  • Can be opened with one hand 

  • Suitable for babies & pets 


  • Lock is prone to rigidity 



Mom's Choice Awards Winner-Cumbor 29.5'-51.6' Baby Gate Extra Wide, Easy Walk Thru Dog Gate for The House, Auto Close Safety Pet Gates for Stairs, Doorways, Child Gate Includes 4 Wall Cups,White


This extra-wide baby gate is perfect for homes that have larger openings, doorways, hallways, and staircases, and its metal structure is durable and sturdy. 


Not only is this gate extra-wide, but it’s quite tall, as well, measuring 30.5” in height. This means that your baby is going to have a hard time climbing over it, ensuring that they don’t manage to slip past it into a dangerous area of your home. 

The lock can be opened with one hand so that you can carry your baby in the other. Don’t worry about accidentally leaving the gate open, either - it closes by itself. Pressure mounting means that there’s no need to drill holes into your walls and damage them. 


  • Adjustable size 

  • Extra-wide 

  • Lock can be opened with one hand 

  • Durable metal structure 

  • Can withstand impacts from large pets 


  • Handle may be challenging to open 


For parents who are worried about the safety of their little ones, baby gates are a great investment. We hope that this article has been useful and that we’ve helped you find the perfect baby gate for your home! 

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