Best Baby Gates for Stairs with Banisters

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Most parents know that baby gates can be essential to keeping your young ones safe, especially if you live in a large home with various rooms that may be hazardous for them to explore. However, if your house has a staircase with banisters, finding a baby gate to fit it can be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best baby gates for stairs with banisters. We’ll be reviewing each product separately and giving you a few pros and cons for each. Read on to learn more.

5 Baby Gates For Stairs With Banisters Reviews



Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate, Bonus Kit, Includes Banister and Wall Mounting Kit


Not only is this Regalo baby gate great for your stairway, but it can be used in hallways, as well, making it quite a versatile option, especially for parents on a budget. 


This is an extra-wide baby gate that can expand to openings and stairways that are between 29” to 43” inches wide. It is wall-mounted and stands 30.5” tall so that your baby can’t climb over it. 

This gate includes mounted level poles, banister corner protectors, plastic wall spacers, square banister adapters, round banister adapters, and wall mounting hardware. You’ll have everything you need to set the gate up basically anywhere. 

The all-steel design makes the gate particularly durable, and it can resist bumps and hits from both your baby and your pets without caving in. It’s great for parents of determined babies and those who own large dog breeds. 


  • Extra-wide for easy access 
  • Versatile design looks great 
  • Complete with various tools and accessories 
  • Durable steel structure 
  • Safety lock closure 


  • Latch may be difficult to work, even for adults 



Summer Metal Banister and Stair Safety Baby Gate, White Finish – 32.5” Tall, Fits Openings of 31” to 46” Wide, Extra-Wide Door Opens The Full Width of Your Stairway, Convenient Baby and Pet Gate


This baby gate uses a secure attachment mechanism to ensure that it is properly secured to your banister and that it won’t fall off. It is great for stairways and banisters. 


The installation process for this Summer Infant baby gate should only take you a few minutes thanks to its unique mounting system. You can fasten this gate securely from banister to banister, or from banister to wall, without the need to drill a single hole. 

The door is extra-wide and can open the full width of your staircase, allowing you and your baby to walk through with ease. Additionally, the no-threshold design mitigates tripping, which makes the gate that much safer. 

The support foot adds stability, while the directional door stop provides an added layer of safety. However, we must note that you’ll want to ensure that the banister fastening mechanisms are secured tightly, or they may slip off. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Extra-wide door 
  • No drilling required 
  • No threshold to trip over 
  • Directional door stop 


  • Banister fasteners may slip 



Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate 27'-41.5', White


This is an extremely simple solution to stairway baby gates, and it features a simple fastening system that securely attaches to your banisters. 


While this maximum safety gate is designed to be placed at the top of your stairway, it can be placed in almost any area of your home, making it a versatile option for new parents. It can also be placed in openings between 27” to 41.5”. 

The lock can be opened by adults with one hand, so you can carry your baby while opening and closing the gate. The latch system is also confusing for babies, so they should give up trying after a few minutes. 

There is an optional stop bracket available that will prevent the gate from opening over a stairway, providing more safety for your young ones. You can mount the gate at angles of up to 30 degrees, and the installation process is quick and straightforward. 


  • Suitable for various areas of the home 
  • Lock can be operated with one hand 
  • Optional stop bracket 
  • Can mount at a 30-degree angle 
  • Simple installation process 


  • No installation tools included 


Summer Banister and Stair Gate With Dual Installation Kit

This stylish wooden baby gate fits at the top of your staircase and blends seamlessly into your home aesthetic instead of being an eyesore. 


This Summer Infant baby gate comes with a dual installation kit that can be used to mount it between both doorways and stairway banisters, making it quite a versatile option. It fits openings between 32” to 48” wide and is 33” tall, so your baby won’t be able to climb over it - at least, not easily. 

It features a quick-release mechanism that lets you remove it with ease and install it somewhere else in a flash. This is great for parents who don’t want to purchase more than one baby gate, as this one can be moved around easily. 

One of the great features about this gate is that it’s made from wood, which gives it an elegant appearance that matches your home. 


  • Accommodates various openings 
  • Convenient quick-release mechanism 
  • Stylish design looks great 
  • Fits large openings 
  • Tall to ensure even older children won't fall 


  • May not fit round banisters 


Munchkin Loft Hardware Mounted Baby Gate for Stairs, Hallways and Doors, Extends 26.5'- 40' Wide, Silver Aluminum

Finally, we have this futuristic baby gate that’s made of durable silver aluminum, which is resistant to damage, rust, and general wear and tear. 


This hardware-mount baby gate can extend between 36.5” and 40”, and it is 30.5” tall. However, you should be sure to measure your desired opening before making a purchase so that you get the proper fit. 

The indexed sizing system allows for quick and easy width adjustment thanks to preset index positions. The integrated tuning system will adjust for a perfect vertical fit, even if you don’t have level walls. 


  • Sleek, modern design suits all homes 
  • Indexed sizing system 
  • Integrated tuning system 
  • Quick-release wall mount 
  • Door opens in both directions - very convenient 


  • Expensive compared to similar models 


If you are enthusiastic about the safety of your young one, then we highly recommend investing in a baby gate. We hope that this article was able to help you find the perfect choice that will look great and function even better!  If you need a baby get for a fireplace or for you want to build your own baby gate, try out one of these articles.