Best Chalk Markers

There are few things worse for a business than an eye-catching sign that doesn’t catch anyone’s eye. Faded colors, blurred lines, or the ghostly remains of last week's notices - your chalk signs could be costing you money.

Everyone knows the value of a good window display. It’s the first thing your customer sees, standing out to draw them in. With the rise of social media, the reach of a window display has grown global.

No one wants to lose business because the smeared chalk of a blackboard design has left your exciting offers illegible.

Signwriters, worry no more. If you’ve found your chalkboard displays are looking less ‘vibrant business’ and more ‘classroom flashback’, the solution is easy: chalk markers.

Chalk markers are the bold alternative to old-fashioned chalk. Easy to use, vivid, and wipe clean, they can transform any sign from forgettable to fantastic.

Perfect for non-porous surfaces, chalk markers need little skill to turn a boring window display into a money maker. While traditional chalk is limited in application, chalk markers are adaptable for use on anything from glass to ceramics and by anyone who can hold a pen.

With so many options available though, it’s difficult to know which chalk markers are best for you. The range can be intimidating, especially for a first-time buyer.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! Below, our handy guide rounds up the best on the market and makes it easy to pick what’s right, and have fun creating!


Bold Chalk Markers - Dry Erase Marker Pens - Chalk Markers for Chalkboards, Signs, Windows, Blackboard, Glass - Reversible Tip (8 Pack) - (Multicolored, 6mm)

Bold and bright, these Chalky Crown erasable markers are great for both retail and the classroom. Easy to use and non-toxic, they’re highly adaptable for multiple purposes.

If you’re thinking of making the switch from traditional chalk, these are the perfect starter kit. They show exactly what chalk markers excel at - unbeatable color.

Where even the brightest of chalks lack vibrancy, the Chalky Crown markers are a neon explosion. The 6mm reversible tip allows for finer detailing while still creating thick, easily visible lines.

Handled like a pen, anyone can make a display that ‘pops’. If you’re not impressed, the Chalky Promise offers peace of mind.

With only eight markers in a pack, the color range is arguably limited for artists, and there’s no black included. However, the fresh neon shades are sure to stand out on any surface.

If you’re buying a pack for children, the Chalky Crown bright colors are fun to play with. Add on non-toxic and odor-free, and these really are ideal. Especially for the classroom, where the strong inks will even be clear to any troublemakers at the back!

Even better, this pack includes 24 chalk labels. So you can get experimenting right away, and they are wet-erased on non-porous surfaces.


  • Vibrant Colors - Make any window display stand out.
  • Non-Toxic - Safe to be used by or around children.
  • Odor-Free - No unpleasant smells hang around after use.
  • 24 Chalk Labels - Great for labeling jars or storage, a useful addition.
  • Reversible Tip - Comes with both chisel and bullet tip, for line variety.


  • Limited Color Choice - With only 8 pens, the color options are limited.
  • Blackboards Require Preparation - Before use on any non-porous blackboard the blackboard must be ‘prepped’. This simple process requires rubbing the board with regular chalk several times before use. Easy to do, but time-consuming if needed regularly.


Liquid Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors by Chalkola - Pack of 16 Chalk Pens - For Chalkboard, Blackboards, Window, Glass, Bistro | 6mm Reversible Bullet & Chisel Tip Erasable Ink

With 16 pens, reversible nibs, and a range of colors - Chalkola has all the basics covered. These pens are incredibly easy to use and mess-free, with a variety of bright inks.

The 6mm tips are reversible, both bullet and chisel tips included, and write easily on almost any non-porous surface. Even a total beginner will get a handle on these fast.

Chalkola is one of the most prolific chalk marker brands, so if you like the features of the range but aren’t a huge fan of the colors then it’s worth browsing through to see what else they have available. Including pastels, neons, and earthier tones.

The real selling point of this pack, however, is the metallic colors. Although slightly harder to remove, metallic shades really add that extra ‘wow’ factor to any menu or decoration.

With only a small amount of practice, the metallic pens can be used to liven up signage and add that extra bit of class. Plus, this set features both black and white pens, for clear writing on different surfaces.

This is a good starter kit, with enough variety to make it desirable to confident users as well. Wet erase on most surfaces, but dry erase on glass and mirrors.


  • Metallic Colors - Classy and fun, metallic colors add that something extra.
  • 16 Pens - A wonderful color range, including black and white.
  • Odor-Free - No unpleasant smells hang around after use.
  • Non-Toxic - Safe to be used by or around children.
  • Reversible Tip - Comes with both chisel and rounded tip, for line variety.


  • Difficult removal - Some of the colors can be difficult to scrub away, especially if left for a while.


Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers, 10 Pack of Neon Chalk Pens, for Nonporous Chalkboards, Bistro Boards, Glass and Windows

These extra-large markers were the Tillywig Toy Awards Sterling Fun Award Winners, so they come with an assurance of quality.

Their jumbo size is the main feature - each marker comes with a massive 8 grams of ink. That’s twice that of most competitors.

With 10 pens in a pack, that’s 80 grams of ink to keep you going through display after display. If you like your products to last, then Crafty Croc is the ideal chalk marker.

Especially useful for cafes and restaurants with ever-changing menus, Crafty Croc ensures your customers won’t be left confused when a pen dries out in the middle of today’s special. Just make sure you screw the lid on tight whenever you’ve finished using it.

The larger size makes Crafty Croc better for little hands, who may struggle to hold the finer pens. While the color range isn’t huge, those that are included are vibrant. There’s also white and black, for easy reading on different surfaces.

If you find yourself wiping away markers at the end of every day, Crafty Croc could be the perfect product. Wet erase on non-porous surfaces.


  • 8 grams of ink - The larger size makes for a long-lasting marker.
  • Reversible tip - Comes with both chisel and bullet tip, for line variety.
  • Non-Toxic - Safe to be used by or around children.


  • Tougher Removal - Especially when left on for too long.


Liquid Chalk Markers 30 Colors By Positive Art: Bright Colors, Painting and Drawing For Kids and Adults, Window and Board Art For Bistros, Bars - Reversible Tip (Chalk Marker)

With 30 colors to choose from, Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers are an artist’s dream.

They are especially well suited for the budding artist, who will appreciate the security of a wipe-away design. This huge color range will allow you to realize any vision you want.

The color range of the inks is really impressive too, and they include earthy browns for depth, to vivid yellows that really stand out.

With the added bonus of changeable tips, anyone can create an eye-catching display to draw customers in.

Although Positive Art doesn’t specify a tip size, these are on the smaller side of 6mm. Better for detail, but not so good when covering a large area.

This is a set designed for artists, and the softer shades are less dynamic when used on their own. If you’re a beginner to chalk markers then these aren’t the best choice as you might find more than a few never get the lid taken off.

While children may appreciate the choice, the individual colors lack the punch of some of the neon options.

Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers are ideal for those with some experience with chalk markers, or those looking to test their creativity. Wet erase on non-porous surfaces, they recommend using a cleaning solution or even a baby wipe.


  • 30 colors - A huge range, including black and brown for building depth to a display.
  • Reversible Tip - Comes with both chisel and bullet tip, for line variety.
  • Non-Toxic - Safe to be used by or around children.


  • Permanent on porous surfaces - If you accidentally get these on wood or stone, they will not be coming off!


Stationery Island Liquid Chalk Markers Whiteboard Wet Erase Chalk Marker Pens for Blackboard,Chalkboard, Car Window, Mirror Glass, Signs, Bistro Board and Ceramic - 3mm Fine Bullet Nib Pack of 8

Boasting a unique tip design, Stationary Island writes with ease. Whether it’s intricate details or swathes of information, the 3mm pens are designed for precision use.

With only 8 colors in the pack, they lack the variety of some others, but the neon shades available are appealing and adaptable.

One for the sign writer with a lot of information to convey, whether that’s a menu or a presentation. Stationary Island makes chalk writing as easy as using a pen.

With the fine tip, you can be sure your writing is clear and eligible, so quick browsing customers can see what’s on offer.

In a classroom, Stationary Island’s bespoke nib will help make even the most complicated of equations easy to read (if not any easier to understand).

The tip is designed for detail and delicate work rather than experimentation. Wet erase on non-porous surfaces.


  • 3mm Tips - A smooth writing experience, the fine tips make it easy to convey information. 
  • Non-Toxic - Safe to be used by or around children.
  • Bespoke Tip Design - Nothing else on the market writes like this.


  • No Reversible Tip - The tip is its selling point, so there’s no chisel option. Poor at covering large areas.

Best Chalk Markers Buying Guide

Are you still debating the change? Our buyer’s guide should answer any questions that are still holding you back.

What’s the difference between chalk and a chalk marker?

Chalk markers take the wipe-away capabilities of chalk and adapt them for easy consumer use, whether it’s an intricate art piece or a seasonal menu. Chalk markers come in a wide range of tips from small and chiseled to large and rounded.

The vibrant colors of chalk markers are eye-catching and less prone to fading than regular chalk, with tapered points that are perfect for menu writing and fine details. Where chalk can be difficult to control, chalk markers work just like a pen.

Even the most clumsy fingered among us can make a sign look professional using a chalk marker.


There are two common types of tips for chalk markers: the bullet tip and the chisel tip. The chisel tip has a slanted end and can be used to create lines of varying thickness. The bullet tip is rounded and can be very fine, making it better for detail.

Many markers come with a changeable tip and include both bullet and chisel. To change the tip of a chalk marker simply hold the pen upwards, pull gently on the tip to remove, and slide the replacement in.

Tip size ranges from the tiny 1mm, for intricate detail, to the large 15mm, for covering bigger surfaces quickly. The average tip is around 6mm.

Mess and Dust Free

Traditional chalk leaves a dust residue that causes mess and can lead to irritation. Many chalk markers are odorless and dust-free, and all the options featured above are nontoxic.

The non-toxic properties make them perfect for use around small children and safer around food preparation areas. Let’s be honest, no one wants chalk residue in their coffee cup. Less prone to smudging, a chalk marker won’t wipe away when accidentally leaned against.


Most chalk markers are wet erase, meaning they need a damp cloth to clean. Some surfaces are dry erase, and can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Although chalk markers generally wipe off easily, sometimes marks left for a while will need some elbow grease to shift.

Tricky stains can be removed with a diluted vinegar or bleach solution - so be careful around young children. For an easy removal method, you can also use a magic eraser.

It’s also worth noting that If chalk markers get onto a porous surface removal is difficult and, in some cases, impossible. So, always take care when using a chalk marker.

Porous vs Non-Porous

You’ll come across the terms porous and non-porous regularly when buying chalk markers.

While most chalk markers are easily wiped away from a non-porous surface, they risk permanently staining a porous surface. Porous surfaces are absorbent, such as wood and stone, and trap the liquid chalk markers as they dry.

Non-porous surfaces include windows, glass, mirrors, bottles, ceramics, tile, plastic, and whiteboards. If you find yourself unsure of a surface, imagine what would happen if you spilled a glass of water on it.

If the water would sit on the top, the surface is non-porous. If some of the water would be absorbed, the surface is porous, and not suited for chalk markers.

Always spot-check the markers before using them for the first time. Choose a small area to draw on, leave it to dry, and check to see if it wipes away. Otherwise, you risk a permanent addition to your household objects.


Chalk markers are on average a more expensive option than chalk. However, the bright colors, ease of use, and range of surfaces covered more than makeup for the higher price point. Not to mention they’re very unlikely to snap with over-enthusiastic handling.

Chalk markers generally run along the same prices as a pack of paints, but with easier handling and removal they’re far more adaptable. Chalk markers are a good investment for any business hoping to stand out.


Are chalk markers erasable?

Yes. Most are wet erase, so require a damp cloth scrubbed against any non-porous surface. If left too long, it may be necessary to use a diluted bleach or vinegar solution.

Magic erasers are widely available and also work well at removing chalk markers. To dry erase, wipe down with a dry cloth. On porous surfaces, chalk markers can be permanent.

Can you use chalk markers on a blackboard?

Most traditional blackboards are porous, so not suited for chalk markers. However, more modern blackboards are treated to be non-porous.

Before using your chalk marker, always spot test the pen on a small corner to check how easily it can be removed.

How do I use a chalk marker?

Shake well with the cap on, pointed upwards. Remove the cap and, using your finger, press down on the tip to release air pressure. Turn the tip to your chosen surface, and press down repeatedly until it fills with ink.

Start drawing, pushing down when extra ink is required. When finished, place the cap on tightly and securely. Shake well before each use and store horizontally.

What are chalk markers used for?

Sign writing, menu design, window displays, teaching aids - there are endless possibilities. Chalk markers are adaptable for playing in the home, livening up a business, or teaching in a classroom.

Erasable and as easy to use as a pen, chalk markers are a creative alternative to traditional chalk.