Best Epoxy Resin For Wood

Epoxy resin is a type of glue that can be applied to wood or metal surfaces. The epoxy resin is mixed with other chemicals and then poured onto the surface.

Once cured, the epoxy resin becomes strong and durable.

There are several types of epoxy resins, each with their own unique properties. Some are designed to bond metals together, while others are used to create decorative finishes.

There are also epoxies that can be used to repair damaged wood.

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ArtResin - Epoxy Resin - Clear - Non-Toxic - 32 oz (16 oz Resin + 16 oz Hardener) (946 ml)

First up on our list is the ArtResin Epoxy Resin. This resin is designed for artistic use, rather than as an adhesive.

It is great for decorative finishes on wood and other materials, but it is not strong enough to be used as a glue. 

This product is great for making jewelry and other crafts. It's non-toxic and easy to use.

It contains no toxic materials, BPA, or fumes. It is also non-flammable, food safe, and it does not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds/organic chemicals). 

This makes it an ideal choice for adding resin to that coffee table you've been wanting to spruce up.

You can easily add it to dining tables and coffee tables, and you do not have to worry about the ingredients in it. 

You can mix it with water or alcohol to make it easier to work with. It dries clear and doesn't leave any residue behind.

Woodworking resins come in two types: water based and oil based. 

Water-based woodworking resins are mixed by adding water to an oil base resin. 

Oil-based woodworking resins require no mixing, and are ready to use straight out of the bottle.

Both types are safe for use around food, but oil based resins are more eco friendly than water based ones.

BPA free resins are available, but do cost more, but this resin is pretty inexpensive. In this pack, you receive 32 fluid ounces, and a hardener.

This amount will not get you very far in terms of a big dining table.

Epoxy Resin is a great product to protect your furniture, as well as add a small decorative touch.

It is non-toxic, non-flammable, and yields a beautiful high gloss finish.

It is also UV and HALS stabilized. It has a small coverage area (32 sq. ft) and a long curing time (72 hours). 

However, it is self leveling, so you don't have to monitor it while it cures!

This is ideal, as you can put it on, and come back days later to see the final product.


  • It is UV resistant.
  • It is toxin free and food safe.
  • It comes with a designated hardener


  • It takes 72 hours to dry.

Also available at ArtResin


Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon Kit | 1:1 Crystal Clear Resin and Hardener for Super Gloss Coating | for Bars, Tabletop, Art, Jewelry, Casting Molds | Safe for Use on Wood, Metal, Stone, Plastic, Marine Sealer

Next up is East Coast Resin Epoxy. This is another one of those products that was created specifically for artists.

It is perfect for creating decorative finishes on wood and metal.

It is also excellent for repairing cracks and holes in wood. It is odorless, and it does not give off any vapors. 

This product is great because it is crystal clear. If you want to create something shiny and polished, then you should look into using this product.

It is a great way to give your projects a nice finishing touch. It is also great for protecting wood from scratches and dents.

You can apply the epoxy resin to wood for a lacquered and protective feel.

This product is great if you are looking to repair some damage to your wooden items.

This epoxy resin comes in a half gallon bottle, along with a half gallon hardener to put on afterwards.

It is water-resistant, so it is perfect for putting on surfaces that may be in the bathroom or kitchen.

You can even coat outdoor tables with this resin, as it is certain to protect your wood from the rain.

Additionally, you can use this epoxy resin on lots of different materials. This includes wood, metal, plastic, and stone.

It is ideal for use on bars, tables, molds, art, and jewelry.

With this epoxy resin, you also receive a detailed instruction kit. This ensures you know exactly how to use the epoxy resin and hardener in the best ways possible.

When you use the hardener and resin in this kit, you will get a super rich and glossy look, which we loved.

Additionally, this epoxy resin is self leveling. This means you do not have to deal with coming back to check how your resin has leveled out, and you do not have to be extra careful.

Obviously, you should try to level it as good as you can, but with this resin, it takes care of that for you.

The one gallon kit covers 25 sq. Ft, with a thickness of up to 2 mm.

This is ideal, as you can coat a surface with the epoxy resin to make it extra durable and shiny.

This epoxy resin and hardener protects your wood from water, scuffs, scratches, and general damage.

It will also protect your surfaces from air humidity whilst ensuring it stays well cared for and water-resistant.

This resin essentially acts as a layer of protection for your surfaces.

We loved how much resin and hardener you receive for the price, and how many surfaces this resin is suitable for. 

The work time for this resin is over half an hour, and you need to allow at least forty eight hours to let it completely dry.

In this kit, you receive two parts. Each bottle is half a gallon, and you mix them together at a 1 to 1 ratio.

Overall, this resin and hardener kit creates a hard and shiny shell for all of your surfaces.


  • You receive a gallon overall. 
  • Durable and shiny.
  • Self-leveling.


  • More chemical-based than others.

Also available at East Coast Resin


FGCI SUPERCLEAR EPOXY Resin Kit Crystal Clear 2 Gallon Resin Epoxy Kit for Casting Resin, Art Resin, Mica Pigment Powder, River Tables, Live Edge Tables, BAR Tops, COUNTERTOP EPOXY 1:1

This epoxy resin is ideal for making large pieces of art, as well as decorative additions.

As you may have seen, it is popular to create a river or ocean look with resin, particularly on large rustic tables and counters.

Now, this is the ideal resin for that. This resin is specifically created for table tops, and countertop artwork as well as protection.

FGCI Superclear epoxy resin kit is the perfect art resin for casting resin, art resin, mica pigment powder, river tables, live edge tables, bar tops, and countertops.

It is self leveling and extremely glossy. It is easy to clean, scratch and water-resistant, and UV resistant, too.

With this brand, you will get perfect epoxy resin color mixing every time. You can add pigment and color to this resin to create your desired look.

In this kit, you receive clear epoxy resin as well as hardener. You get a gallon of each, so you can create a big piece of art without having to worry about how much you are going to use.

This product comes with the resins and hardeners, which should be mixed in a 1:1 proportion.

Mixing ratios may vary depending on the size of the project you're working on.

This table top epoxy resin is great for making stained glass windows, mosaics, and other artistic projects.

You can mix it with pigment powders, mica powders, alcohol ink, resin dye, and resin tint to make beautiful stained glass pieces.

You can also paint your project with acrylic paints. After curing, this epoxy resin is food safe as well as BPA free, so you do not have to worry about using this resin on dining pieces.

This product is highly resistant to UV rays, but it does get hot when mixed.

The end result is a super glossy finish that is also scratch and water-resistant! CONS. It takes longer than most other brands to cure.

This product is used as an adhesive for boats and other watercraft. It is also used to protect wood surfaces from the sun.

It is resistant to scratches and stains. It dries clear.

This means it is ideal for creating pieces of art on almost any kind of material, and it will also protect your surfaces from damage, water, and heat! 

This is the perfect epoxy resin to create a beautiful river table.

Additionally, this epoxy resin can be used on a variety of materials.

This includes wood, stone, cement, canvas, ceramic, laminate, or granite.

This is incredibly varied, and you will be sure to get excellent results.


  • You receive a good amount of resin and hardener.
  • The epoxy resin is suitable for many surfaces.
  • It is food safe and resistant to heat. 


  • Expensive.

Also available at FGCI


Stone coat countertops epoxy resin is designed for protecting stone countertops.

This is ideal for creating beautiful countertops with a sleek and artistic finish.

You can use this resin on ceramic, wood, and countertops. 

It is heat resistant up to 470 °F for incidental contact with heat, and it is also water-resistant.

This resin is also UV stable, so you know that it is going to be resistant to light, scratches, and general damage.

This epoxy resin contains no volatile chemicals, so you can use this resin safely without expecting any side effects.

Additionally, Stone Coat epoxy kits are USDA approved for being safe without using any harsh industrial chemicals.

This Stone Coat epoxy resin is self leveling.

You mix the hardener and resin together, and it will level itself out on a surface, giving you a perfectly leveled surface without any bubbles or uneven parts. 

It is reliable, heat and water-resistant, and strong. The epoxy resin is built for long-lasting durability.

You can rest assured knowing that Stone Coat Epoxy will never crack, chip, peel, fade, or yellow.

It is also easy to clean this resin after it has dried, and it will not leave any sticky residue or damage after it has been cleaned.

This is partly because Stone Coat uses high quality ingredients, and their products are safer for the environment than a lot of other epoxy resins.

Stone coats are a great product for DIYers who want to create something beautiful without having to spend thousands of dollars.

This product comes with half a gallon of resin, half a gallon of hardener and Rustoleum spray paint.

It can be used to restore old countertops, and it can be done in less than 48 hours.

It does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), so it can be safely used indoors.

The spray will ensure you can create something beautiful and eye-catching.

The resin takes around 72 hours to dry, and it will be fully cured in a week.

With this resin, you can happily mix it with different colors to create amazing countertop art.

You can also be reassured that this resin uses a lot of eco-friendly materials in comparison to other brands.


  • VOC free. 
  • Eco-friendly compared to other brands.
  • Added spray paint. 


  • Takes a while to dry and cure.

Also available at Stone Coat Countertops


Pro Marine Supplies Crystal Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin (1-Gallon Kit) | 2-Part Epoxy Resin & Hardener Set | Resin Epoxy Kit with Mixing Cups, Stir Sticks, Brushes, & Gloves | DIY Epoxy Resin Supplies

This resin is designed for marine applications. It is an extremely durable resin that is suitable for outdoor use.

This resin is made from urethane resin which makes it highly resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

It is also very flexible making it ideal for creating decorative surfaces.

This resin is also very versatile as it can be mixed with paints and stains. It is also non toxic and biodegradable.

This resin kit also comes with some extra helpful accessories. This includes cups, brushes, gloves, and sticks for your every artistic need.

This resin comes with two mixtures that you mix together, so you do not have to spend hours gathering your materials.

The resin also levels on its own, so you are guaranteed not to have any bubbles or yellow colors.

To add, this epoxy resin is resistant to UV rays, and it is highly glossy, too.

To add to the ease of using this resin, it dries within 48 hours, too. 

This resin is perfect for creating decorative surfaces. It is especially good for creating custom boat interiors, hence why the brand name is Pro Marine.

It is also great for creating custom furniture. It is also excellent for creating custom kitchen cabinets.

You can even create custom tables and floors using this resin. Because it is often used on boats, it is extremely water-resistant.

This means it is great for all kinds of projects, and it can be used inside, and outside.

This resin creates a rock hard, solid feel, with a tough surface.

You do not have to worry about getting your underneath surface damaged with this resin, as it is the best.

Their custom ingredients in this epoxy resin ensure you do not have any bubbles or craters, and it is the smoothest surface.


  • You receive a large amount. 
  • Easy one to one mixture.
  • Comes with accessories. 


  • Not the most environmentally friendly. 

Also available at Pro Marine

Buyer's Guide

There are a few things you need to consider when you buy epoxy resin.

This includes how long it takes to dry and cure, the toxicity, and the durability. Check out the buyer’s guide below to find out more. 

What Is Epoxy Resin? 

Epoxy resin is basically a mixture of two substances that go into a chemical reaction. When mixed, it cures quickly and solidifies.

Heat is released during the curing process. Epoxy resins are strong adhesives made up of a combination of chemicals. Some are stronger than others.

Uses For Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin for wood is a great choice for those who want to create art and decor on pieces of furniture. It's easy to apply and maintain.

It dries quickly, and it doesn't require any sanding before finishing. It can also be used as an alternative to painting.

Adding various pigments to the epoxy resin gives it many colors. This further enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Epoxy resin also doubles up as a multipurpose adhesive that bonds well to wood and other surfaces. It can be used to coat other materials such as metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, stone, etc.

You can use epoxy resin as an adhesive to fix and attach wood together, as well as protect it from damage, water, and heat.

Drying And Curing

There are many types of epoxy resins. Some of them have shorter drying times while others have long ones.

For more complex projects, you may want to choose something with a higher drying time. For simpler projects, you may opt for something that has a lower curing time. 

If you have a really long project, you will need a resin that takes longer to dry and cure, because it needs to be of the highest quality.

What kind of epoxy resin you have will determine how long the hardener takes to harden, too. 


Epoxy resin for wood is commonly used to create many types of artworks. If you're using it for a counter top or a tumbler, then you must make sure that the resin is safe for use with food.

There are certain chemicals present in most epoxies that aren't safe for use with food, so you should check that the resin is safe for wood to see if there are any harmful substances. 

A lot of epoxy resins contain BPA, which you do not want for pieces of furniture that may be around food. BPA is toxic, and you should always research what is in your epoxy resin. 


Resin is used to create a protective layer for lots of different things, and you need to be assured that your resin is reliable and durable.

Epoxy Resin must protect against UV Rays and moisture, and they should also be able to handle weight. This is especially true if you are looking to use epoxy resin on flooring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Called Epoxy Resin? 

It is made from two parts: an epoxy (a polymer) and a hardener. The epoxy part bonds together with the other material, and the hardener makes it possible for the epoxy to become hard. 

How Does It Work? 

The epoxy resin works by combining with the hardener. Once combined, the epoxy resin becomes hard and forms a strong bond between the materials. This protects surfaces.

How Much Does It Cost? 

You can get a small container of epoxy resin for $20-30. However, larger containers can cost up to $100. The price depends on the type of epoxy resin you purchase.