Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

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There are few things more frustrating than working hard on your epoxy resin creation, only to be left with bubbles in the surface.

They ruin the finish, cause weaknesses, and just don't look good. But how can you remove bubbles from epoxy resin?

The best tool for bubble removal is a propane torch, but this isn't always feasible for home use.

Some will suggest a hairdryer, but they can actually cause more problems. So, what's the perfect middle ground? The heat gun!

For those of you who aren't familiar with them, heat guns are small, handheld tools that shoot hot air at high speeds.

They're used for everything from drying paint to curing concrete, so why not use one to get rid of bubbles in your epoxy resin? Take a look at our guide to the best heat guns for epoxy resin.

Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin

5 Best Heat Guns For Epoxy Resin


Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun, 2 Temp Settings 750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF, Great for Soften paint, Caulking, Adhesive, Putty Removal, Shrink Wrap, Bend Plastic Pipes, Loosen Rusted Nuts or Bolts

A dual temperature heat gun that's ideal for helping you out around the house, the Wagner Spraytech is our top pick for a multipurpose heat gun.

Not only can it soften resin, the Wagner heat gun can be used for paint, caulking, plastic pipes, adhesives, and even loosening rusty nails.

The Wagner Spraytech heat gun features an adjustable trigger to control heat output and a comfortable handle for easy holding.

The integrated stand allows for hands-free use, keeping the hot nozzle far away from your work surface.

And when you're done, use the hanging hook to store your heat gun away.

Although the Wagner Spraytech can take care of heavy-duty tasks, it's useful for your epoxy resin projects as well.

Make use of the adjustable heat and fan settings to remove bubbles from your resin creations.

Overall, we think the Wagner Spraytech heat gun is a fantastic option if you want an adaptable heat gun.

The larger size means it can be slightly difficult to use on smaller resin projects, but it makes up for that with all-round versatility.


  • Adjustable heat - Change the heat settings to suit different jobs and needs.
  • Ergonomic handle - The Wagner fits in the hand well, and the hands-free operation is very useful.
  • Design - The integrated stand and hook aids the practicality of the heat gun design. 


  • Durability - Reports suggest that frequent use can wear this heat gun out fast.

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SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit Variable Temperature Control with 2-Temp Settings 4 Nozzles 122℉~1202℉(50℃- 650℃)with Overload Protection for Crafts, Shrinking PVC, Stripping Paint

This SEEKONE heat gun is designed for heavy-duty use.

The powerful and durable design is hardworking, and you'll want to use the SEEKONE heat gun for a number of tasks around the house.

The versatility of the SEEKONE heat gun is impressive.

The temperature can be controlled from 120 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, with a heating dial and an adjustable air flow.

Turn your SEEKONE heat gun on PVC, electronics, frozen pipes, rusted bolts, and floor tiles.

Which is all well and good, but how does the SEEKONE work for epoxy resin?

As a heavy-duty heat gun, the SEEKONE can be a little overwhelming for crafting purposes.

But with four nozzle accessories, ranging from a concentrated flow to a reflector nozzle for even heat, the SEEKONE really can work for you.

Just make sure you take the time to learn what it can do.

As a powerful heat gun, you'll find the SEEKONE is what you need for removing the toughest of resin bubbles.


  • Adjustable temperature and airflow - Take control with the multiple settings that allow the heat gun to adapt to various uses.
  • 4 included nozzles - Use the heat gun for everything from concentrated blasts to wide air flows.
  • Heats quickly - A powerful heat gun that's ready in no time at all.


  • Takes a while to cool down after use.

Also available for purchase at 


Mlife Mini Heat Gun - 300 Watt - Dual-Temperature Heat Tool with 6.5FT Power Cord for DIY Acrylic Resin Cups Tumblers Embossing Shrink Wrapping Paint Drying Crafts Electronics DIY (Purple)

If you're looking for a compact heat gun, then the Mlife mini heat gun could be just what you need.

It's small enough to fit into tight spaces, but still has plenty of power to get the job done.

A pencil-like heat gun, the Mlife mini is perfect for delicate crafts and tiny details.

The handle is constructed using a nonskid design that fits comfortably into the hand and gives you a steady control over the heat flow.

Despite being small, the Mlife mini heat gun has plenty of features.

The temperature can be adjusted to either 400 or 600 degrees Fahrenheit, it's built with an insulated body and a nozzle safety shield, and contains a 6.5 feet-long safety cord. 

Designed for home use, the Mlife mini heat gun has some good safety features. T

he heat sink improves the durability of the gun, while the over-heat protection ensures the gun switches off before getting dangerous.

Compact and easy to use, the Mlife mini heat gun can be used for epoxy resin and many other kinds of crafts.

The small size was particularly useful when shrinking film and embossing, and we loved it for acrylic cup making.


  • UL Certification - Impressive safety features make this pocket-sized heat gun great for home use.
  • 2 heat settings - Adjust from a low heat and slow flow, to a high heat and high flow, depending on your project.
  • Hands-free use - Balance on the handle for cup making.


  • Button placement - Watch out for resin on the switch.

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Mini Heat Gun for Crafts, Dual Temp Hot Air Gun Tool for Epoxy Resin, Shrink Wrap, Vinyl Wrapping, Shrink Tubing, Embossing, Electronics, Candle Making, Sublimation, Phone Repair Chandler Tool (Blue)

The Chandler heat gun is one of our favorite heat guns because it's so useful for crafting.

In fact, that's exactly what it was designed for. 

Chandler Tools made this gun with epoxy resin in mind, and its small size and adjustable speed is ideally matched.

With 2 heat/speed settings, a low and high, the Chandler heat gun can be used for delicate projects and help around the house.

Try your hand at jewelry making with the Chandler heat gun, or even use it for candle making.

Not sure where to start? Chandler has included a downloadable e-book, full of projects to get you crafting.

The Chandler heat gun is balanced, with a lightweight design that fits neatly in the hand.

Thanks to the compact size, you’ll be safe to work for longer and avoid fatigue.

The gun can work for around 1 to 2 hours before it needs some time off, so you can get plenty done. 

Chandler finishes things off with a 5-foot cord, kick stand, protective nozzle, and UL certification. So, you can craft with style and safety.


  • Lightweight - Feels good in the hand, and won't strain your wrist with longer usage.
  • 2 heat settings - Adaptable for both crafting and home repairs.
  • UL certified - Safe to use around the house.


  • The handle can get slippy, expect to adjust your grip from time to time.


Genesis GHG1500A 12.5 Amp Dual-Temperature Heat Gun Kit with High and Low Settings, Air Reduction Nozzle, Reflector Nozzle, and Two Deflector Nozzles

This Genesis heat gun comes with a powerful 12.5 amp motor, with high and low temperature settings.

It's a versatile heat gun, one that you'll appreciate having around the house.

Crafters will appreciate the low setting, which can remove bubbles from your resin products.

Not only can it be used for epoxy resin, the heat gun can thaw your pipes, strip paint, and dry cement.

This is a powerful tool, with a deflector nozzle, an air reduction nozzle, and a reflector nozzle to increase versatility.

It's a little on the heavy side, but the gun-design is comfortable to hold for even extended periods of time.

However, we do wish there was some more molding in the handle. Getting a firm grip isn't quite as easy as it should be.

Quick to heat and simple to use, we like the Genesis for its simplicity, and its low price.

This is a cost-effective heat gun. It's ideal if you only have occasional use for a heat gun, and you want something with multiple uses.

It also includes a 2-year warranty, providing you with a reassurance of quality.


  • 2-year warranty - Expect some durability from this heat gun, which comes backed up with a warranty.
  • Price - Low cost but with a decent heat output.
  • 3 nozzles - Adaptable, thanks to the different nozzle settings. 


  • Can get hot, and the handle design is less ergonomic than other gun-style options.

Also available for purchase at and

Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin Buyer's Guide

If you want to take your epoxy resin products to the next level, then you probably want to invest in a heat gun.

The heat gun can be used to soften the resin, remove any bubbles, and create your designs. It's also the kind of thing that's handy to have around the house.

Heat guns can thaw pipes, strip paint, and loosen rusty screws.

Before buying a heat gun, there are a few specifications to keep an eye out for. Take a look at this buyer's guide for heat guns, to find everything you need to know.

Temperature Settings

Temperature is perhaps the most important setting of the heat gun. Heat guns are typically hotter than a hairdryer, but cooler than a blow torch.

You'll notice that most heat guns come with two temperature settings: High and Low. The higher the temperature, the faster your resin will melt, and the lower the temperature, the slower your resin will melt. 

However, the low and high temperatures can be vastly different depending on the heat gun itself.

One brands "high" can be another brand’s "low". Always double-check the exact specifications, to ensure the heat gun is right for your needs.

And it isn't quite so simple. Some heat guns come with multiple settings that can be adjusted to fine degrees. Others will have just one heat setting.

With epoxy resin, you may only need one heat setting. But with that said, having two is always useful!


Airflow and temperature settings are directly linked. A high air flow tends to come with a hotter temperature, while a lower airflow powers a cooler temperature. Airflow is also described as speed.

Too high an airflow can ruin your resin piece, as it can blast hot air at a level you can't control. But a low airflow might mean your gun doesn't have enough power to melt the resin. 

Ideally, look for a heat gun that has adjustable heat and airflow settings. Otherwise, you might be in for a steep learning curve.

Safety Controls

When we're using a heat gun to remove the bubbles from epoxy resin, it's easy to forget what a powerful piece of equipment you have in your hand. That's why safety controls are essential.

A heat gun gets hot — that's what it's designed to do. Without proper safety features, this can cause burns, melting, and even fires.

The body of the heat gun should be insulated, to prevent hurting the hand. Look for guns with safety nozzles, which will protect against burns and marks.

Over-heating controls are also good. These monitor the heat of the gun and switch it off when things are getting too hot.

Keep an eye out for UL-certified guns. These are tested in America for safety features. 

Hands-Free Settings 

Sometimes when working with epoxy resin, you need both hands for control.

Instead of awkwardly balancing your heat gun, look for models that include retractable brackets and stands. These can hold themselves up, so you can work on the details. 


Additional nozzles are always handy to have, as they can divert and adjust the heat. A deflector nozzle will give you an intense burst of heat, while a reflector nozzle will provide a wider airflow. 

If you like to use your epoxy resin in a variety of ways, changeable nozzles should be considered a must. They give you a greater degree of control and can save time on a large job.

One nozzle that matters above all else — the safety nozzle. This will protect both your hands and your work.


The majority of heat guns will come with a power cord. It connects to a wall socket or battery pack.

If you plan on using your heat gun for household tasks, make sure to get a gun with a long cord.

Long cords tend to be the better option, as they give you greater versatility. However, they can get in the way when you're attempting delicate work.


Heat guns vary greatly in size. The larger ones are more powerful, but they take up more space. Smaller ones are easier to handle but tend to lack strength and power.

Look for a gun that fits your needs. Bigger isn't always better. 

Handle And Design

There are two main heat gun designs: gun-style, and pen-style. Gun-style heat guns have a handle, which fits into the grip and gives the user some distance.

These tend to be used for household repairs, rather than crafting. Look for those with an ergonomic handle design, which will feel comfortable in the hand.

Pen-style guns are smaller and thinner, and tend to be preferred for crafting. A pen-style heat gun gives you incredible control and is better for detail.

Ideally, the body should be coated in a way that gives the user better grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin?

When looking at heat guns, there are many different factors to consider. Some people want a powerful gun, others prefer a small one. Some want a pen-style, while others prefer a gun-style.

There are pros and cons to each type. We like the Wagner Spraytech for a gun-style option, and the Chandler Craft heat gun in the pen style.

Before choosing your heat gun for epoxy resin, consider how you intend to use it. Gun-style is better if you want an adaptable and versatile gun that can be used in many ways. Pen-style is better for detail. 

Can You Use A Hairdryer Instead Of A Heat Gun For Epoxy Resin?

A hairdryer cannot be used in place of a heat gun for epoxy resin. Hairdryers don't produce the same amount of heat, and will struggle to melt or soften the resin.

For small products, hairdryers might be suitable, but they won't give the same professional finish.

Another issue with hairdryers is that they can blast dust and hair onto your resin. It's much better to use a heat gun or a propane torch.

How Do You Use A Heat Gun To Get Bubbles Out Of Resin?

Heat guns can be used to get the air bubbles out of epoxy resin before they have a chance to dry. Hold the heat gun around 2 inches from the surface of the resin, adjusting the heat and airflow as needed.

Move the heat gun in a circular motion across the surface of the bubble. You should see the bubble pop. For particularly stubborn bubbles, hold the heat gun closer to the surface.

Can You Use A Heat Gun To Dry Epoxy Resin?

Curing resin can take hours, even days. Using a heat gun can speed up the curing process slightly. A heat gun can also be used to add cells and lacing effects to your epoxy resin, as well as remove bubbles.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks — 5 of the very best heat guns for epoxy resin. Did any catch your eye? As long as you consider all the points in our buyer’s guide, you’ll find the right one for you in no time at all — happy crafting!