Best Hot Glue Guns

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Hot glue guns are widely used for crafting, home improvement, and even medical applications. They come in various sizes and shapes, depending on their intended purpose.

Hot glue guns are versatile and safe. The only thing you need to remember is to always wear safety goggles when using them.

You can use a hot glue gun as long as it is not too hot. You can guarantee yourself injuries if the temperature is too high.

The best hot glue gun is one that has an adjustable trigger. This allows users to control the amount of heat generated by the glue gun.

When you can control the trigger, you can be sure that it will help you avoid burning your fingers while applying the glue.

When buying a hot glue gun, make sure that you buy one with a good warranty. It’s better to have a warranty than to risk losing money because of a faulty product.

So what exactly are the best types of hot glue gun? What features should a hot glue gun have to give you the very best in sealing?

What materials are the best glue guns made from? How long should a decent hot glue gun last? How much will you have to pay for a decent hot glue gun?

Well, if you are looking for the answers to these questions and a lot more, then you've come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of some of the best hot glue guns that you can currently find on the market. We also have a buyer's guide and some frequently asked questions to help you decide which one is best.

Best Hot Glue Guns


Surebonder PRO2-220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Professional Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun - Uses full size, 7/16' sticks

A heavy-duty hot glue gun that comes with a built-in thermostat. This means that you don't need to worry about adjusting the temperature settings.

This is ideal for any hardcore home DIY projects or perhaps even touching up your car.

This Surebonder hot glue gun works at 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is why this is considered to be a heavy-duty model. It has a maximum capacity of 2 ounces per minute.

It is easy to clean since there is no heating element inside. Just simply wipe off the surface with warm water and soap.

This Surebonder hot glue is suitable for both wood and plastic surfaces.

It has a 1-year warranty against defects, which is great if you are going to be using it regularly.


  • Easy to use - All you have to do is press the trigger on this glue gun and it is ready to go. This comes with sticks that you can insert easily into the back of the glue gun.
  • Very durable - this is a hardcore glue gun. Once you buy this one then you will never have to get another one ever again.
  • A bracket - this comes with a solid metal bracket that you can use to rest the glue gun either when it is not in use or when you are waiting for it to cool.
  • Decent power - this is a wonderful power supply that you can be sure will last you for a number of years. This will heat up quickly with no issues.


  • Not suitable for small jobs - this is not really meant for smaller projects such as crafts.
    If you want something that is great for small jobs, then you might want to consider getting a different type of hot glue gun.


AdTech Industrial Strength Full Size High-Output Hot Melt Glue Gun – Professional Grade Hot Glue Gun for Carpentry, Repairs & Remodeling, Grey, 200 watts - 189

If you are looking for a high-quality hot glue gun, then you might want to look into this one.

The Adtech industrial-strength full-size high output hot melt glues gun is perfect for professional applications.

You can use this for all sorts of things including woodworking, furniture assembly, and other various projects.

The Adtech hot glue gun heats up quickly and uses a powerful motor that allows you to work fast.

With a maximum output of 4 pounds per minute, you can be sure that you will be able to complete any project without having to wait too long.

The Adtech hot glue gun is very easy to use. Simply plug it in and turn it on. Then just push the button and start working.

There is no need to adjust the temperature because it automatically adjusts itself.

This Adtech hot glue gun comes with a five-year warranty. So you know that it is safe to use.


  • Powerful motor - this is a powerful motor that will allow you to work faster than most other models out there.
  • Automatic temperature control - this is an automatic temperature control feature so you don't have to worry about changing the temperature setting every time you switch from one job to another.
  • Five-year warranty - you can feel confident knowing that this product is covered by a five-year warranty against defects.
  • Comfortable to use - you can use this very easily and won't have to worry about it chafing your fingers or weighing down your wrist.


  • Doesn't come with glue sticks - this doesn't include glue sticks but you can purchase them separately. This might be annoying for anyone who is looking to cut costs on their overall glue gun.
  • No instructions included - this might be difficult to operate for beginners, especially if you are attempting a challenging DIY job.


AdTech Ultra Low-Temp Cool Tool | Mini Hot Glue Gun for Safe Crafting | Children and Kids | Item #05690 , White

For those people who love crafting and making things, then this Adtech ultra low-temp cooling tool could be perfect for you.

It has a lightweight design that makes it comfortable to hold while you are using it.

You can use this for many types of crafts including jewelry making, scrapbooking, painting, and more.

It also includes a coolant tank that keeps the glue at a lower temperature.

This means that you can keep the glue longer before it starts to harden.

It does have some cons though. For example, it only works with two glue sticks, which isn't ideal for larger projects.

Also, it's not recommended for children under three years old.


  • Lightweight design - this is a lightweight design that is comfortable to hold during use. If you are going to be gluing into the wee hours, then we would certainly recommend this one for ease of use.
  • Coolant tank - this has a coolant tank that helps keep the glue at a lower temp. This will help to reduce burning and will overall help the unit cool down a lot quicker.
  • Two glue sticks included - this includes two glue sticks so you can get started right away. They are easy to load into the compartment and shouldn't cause you that much issue.


  • Not suitable for small hands - this is not designed for kids under 3 years old, so don't be fooled into thinking this smaller product will be for younger people.
  • A limited number of colors - this only comes in black. This will be a problem if you are wanting something that will suit the particular decor of your house.


Hot Glue Gun High Temp-Cobiz Full Size (Not Mini) 60/100W Dual Power Heavy Duty Melt Glue Gun Kit with 12 Pcs Premium Glue Sticks(0.43'' x 8' ) for Arts & Crafts Use,Christmas Decoration/Gifts

This is the Cobiz full size heavy-duty melt glue gun kit. This is a great option for someone who wants to get started quickly.

The first thing you'll notice when you open up the box is how big it is.

The whole kit weighs around 6 pounds and measures approximately 27 inches long. That's a pretty large glue gun!

The glue gun itself is made from metal and plastic. You should know that this is a heavy-duty model, which means that it is capable of handling thicker materials than other models.

There are four different sizes of glue sticks included. These are all compatible with each other and they work well together.

One of the best features of this glue gun is that there are no directions included.

While it may seem like an inconvenience, it actually saves on clutter.

There are plenty of videos online that show you exactly what to do.

The good news is that this is a very simple device to operate. Just plug it in and turn it on.

Then you just need to place the glue stick into the slot and press down firmly.

The power button turns off automatically after ten minutes of non-use. So, you won't have to worry about accidentally turning it off.


  • Easy to use - this is a really straightforward tool to use. All you have to do is load up your sticks and press the trigger. This is quick to heat up and will certainly help you to get stuck into your projects straight away.
  • Compatible with most glue sticks - this is compatible with most glue sticks out there.
    It doesn't matter if you're using a regular glue stick or even a superglue stick.
  • No directions are needed - this is a great feature because it saves on clutter. There aren't any instructions included, but there are plenty of videos online.
  • Lightweight - this is another lightweight model, so if you are having to keep poised for the long term, then you can't go far wrong with this glue gun.


  • Doesn't come with glue - the added expenditure might be difficult to stomach when you have spent over $100 on your glue gun itself.


Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit with 30 Hot Glue Sticks

This is the Gorilla 8401509 hot glue gun and sticks. This is a great choice for anyone looking for a starter set.

If you want to start working with this glue gun right away, then this is a great option.

It has everything that you would expect to see in a starter set.

You get two glue sticks, one bottle of glue, and a storage case. Everything is packed neatly inside the storage case.

The glue gun itself looks sturdy enough and it feels solid in your hand.

It also comes with a safety switch. This makes sure that it will only fire when you want it to.

It heats up fairly quickly, which is always nice.

Once it reaches operating temperature, you simply put the glue stick into the holder and press down firmly.

It takes less than a second to activate.

Once activated, you don't have to hold the trigger down.

Instead, you release the pressure and let it cool down. This is much easier and safer than constantly holding the trigger down.

Once cooled down, you can remove the glue stick from the holder and apply it directly where you need it.

You can also easily clean the tip by dipping it into water.


Great value for money

  • Easy to use - This is one of the safest and most solid glue guns that you can use. It has great cooling qualities and will reduce its temperature in no time at all.
  • Consistent heating - this will heat very evenly, which is great if you do not want to burn one part of your hand.
  • Safe to use - if you are new to the art of glue-gunning, then you might be relieved to find out that it is actually very safe, with built-in cooling features that stop it from overheating.
  • Good quality - This is made from quality metal and plastic, which combine to make it an amazing product. You won't have to worry about it breaking either, as it comes with an extremely durable construction that will survive all weather.


  • Doesn't come with glue - this will be an added expense, which will certainly be difficult if you are looking to lower your costs overall.

Buyer's Guide

Glue guns should be used to melt glue, but some models heat up more than others. You need to know what kind of glue gun you'll use most often and choose accordingly.

For example, if you're going to be using a lot of clear acrylics or epoxy resin, then you may want to invest in a hotter glue gun.

However, if you plan to work mostly with wood, then you may want something that is a little cooler.

How Long Are You Using It For?

When choosing a glue gun, you should consider how long you plan to use it for. If you plan to use it every day, then you'll need a model that is easy to keep warm.

On the other hand, if you plan on using it just once or twice a year, then you may want a model that is a bit smaller.

What Kind Of Glue Do You Plan To Use With It?

When choosing a glue gun, there are several different types of glues available. Some people prefer to use superglue, while others like to use epoxy resin.

There are pros and cons to each type, so you need to know what you intend to use it for before making any decisions.

Do You Need A Safety Switch?

A safety switch is a feature that prevents the glue gun from firing unless you are ready to shoot. This is especially useful if you are working with children or pets.

Some models come with them already installed, while others require you to purchase them separately. Either way, they are worth having.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Size Of Glue Gun?

Glue guns come in different sizes depending on how much glue you want to use. Mini glue guns are used for wrapping gifts, and full-sized glue guns are used for crafting.

The best size depends on what you plan to use it to create. If you are planning on creating small projects, such as wrapping presents, then you may want the smallest model possible.

However, if you are planning on crafting larger items, then you may want more power.

Are Glue Guns Cheap Or Expensive?

You can get a good glue gun for less than $10, but you can also spend hundreds of dollars on one.

It really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a cheap glue gun, then you may want one that has fewer features. 

On the other hand if you are looking for a high-quality glue gun, then you'll want to look at models that offer more.

Is It Easy To Clean?

If you are looking for a glue gun that is easy to clean, then you may want an inexpensive model. These usually don't have many parts, which makes cleaning easier.

Our Final Say

We hope that our list of the best glue guns has helped you to decide what exactly the best models are for your needs.

Remember that safety is paramount as are the temperature functions.