Kids Konserve

As moms, we have all become so much more aware of our responsibility to care for the planet we live in. We know that it is something that we must do for each other, ourselves and more importantly, for our children, which is why I couldn’t be more excited about introducing you guys to a wonderful company that I recently discovered. The company is called Kids Konserve and they make reusable waste-free lunch kits for children.

When Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton calculated the amount of waste schools were creating on a daily basis during lunch hour alone, they decided to take action and started Kids Konserve. According to the Center for Ecoliteracy, the average elementary student generates between 45-90 pounds of plastic bags, foil, and additional waste in school lunch programs per year! So, moms it’s time to stop using the plastic baggies, foil, and brown paper lunch sacks because there is now a better option!

The Lunch Kits are available in three totally adorable and modern designs. I got the chance to try the Waste Free Lunch Kit (pictured right) and I was totally taken aback by how awesome it is. First of all, the kit is seriously the coolest looking way to pack your child’s lunch. It’s beautiful! There are few things I love more than when something is practical, beautiful and good for the planet. Each kit includes a recycled cotton lunch bag, cloth napkin, 16 oz. stainless steel beverage bottle, food kozy(sandwich wrapper), two stainless steel food containers, and a recycled aluminum name tag. The kits come with everything that you need to pack your child’s lunch. Of course, the fact that the containers are stainless steel means no BPA or any other toxic chemicals leaching into your child’s food or drink. Every piece down to the name tag is of superior quality and I can promise you that these kits will last a very long time.


All of the lunch kit items are also sold separately should you happen to need something extra or in case you lose a piece. The kits retail between $40 and $42 depending on the design that you choose. I know that $40 sounds like a lot of money for a lunch kit. Ask yourself this question though-how much do you spend per year on plastic baggies, lunch sacks, bagged chips, bagged snacks, lunch boxes, pouched and boxed juices, foil, saran wrap, and plastic containers? When it’s all said and done, you will save money, help save our planet, and your kids will be healthier for it!

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