Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate Review

Safety and security become more significant parts of your vocabulary when you become a parent. This amazing new job brings with it a need for more patience and attention as well as a whole slew of new gadgets and tools. In order to ensure your little one is safe, one of these tools has to be a good baby gate. I feel Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate is a good choice.

Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Stairs, Hallways and Doors, Walk Through with Door, Metal, White, 35x29.5 Inch (Pack of 1)

However, we know that finding just the right one may come with a lot of research and some frustration too. After all, there are a lot of options on the market to choose from. If you have already started your research, you know this very well. 

We are sure that if you have begun the hunt, you have come across the Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate. We want to help you decide if this should be one of the options you consider, so we have dived deep into the metrics and features of this baby gate below. We truly hope it helps you! 

Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate Review 

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The Munchkin Easy Close Pressure Mounted Baby Gate is crafted with durable materials and a versatile range of widths to fit any opening. This unit is also crafted to be able to be adjusted to meet the needs of the parent. 

Crafted with an easy-to-use one-handed opening lever that is secured with a dual locking mechanism, this gate offers extended security. All the hardware you need comes with it, and with a few extra pieces, you will easily be able to set the gate up in no time. 

Who Is This Product For? 

This gate from Munchkin is a great model for almost any home and can be used on just about every opening. That being said, there are some homes that this model would be better suited for. Those that are not looking for a top stair gate are the first. 

But other than that, if you are looking for a gate that will not clash with your decor, then it definitely fits the bill. It is simply designed and very plain. On top of that, it is quite affordable so if you are working with a tight budget, then consider this model. You will definitely get your money’s worth with this baby gate. 

What’s Included? 

When you purchase this baby gate, you will get the following components in the box: 

  • Gate 
  • 4 adjustment rods 
  • 2 small extenders 
  • 4 wall anchors 
  • 4 wall screws 
  • Small wrench 
  • 4 wall cups and round sticky pads 
  • Manual 

Overview of Features 

  • Height – 29.5” 
  • Width range – 29.5” to 35” 
  • Weight – 14.6 lbs. 
  • Comes with a 2.75” extension 
  • Latex-free 
  • Dual locking mechanism 
  • Pressure fit design 
  • 90-degree opening 
  • Childproof lock 

So why do we think this is a baby gate worth considering? There are a lot of reasons, and they all start with the materials used in the construction of the baby gate. They are latex-free and durable. So not only will they last, but they are safe for your child too (we all know kids put strange things in their mouths!). 

The simple design goes with just about any décor and is actually fitted with some pretty spectacular components. This gate can be adjusted and utilizes a pressure mounting system for enhanced safety and security. It is easy to set up and use, which is one of the best features as it takes a lot of stress off the new parent. 

Now that by no means it is perfect. In fact, for us, there are two big issues we find with the design. The unit is set up with one extension kit, and if you need any more range, you have to purchase more extenders separately. This will lead to more money spent, and sometimes you just don’t have that. Also, if you’re looking for it to secure to the top of the stars, there is no hardware that comes with it to make this possible. 

How To Install It 

When you purchase this baby gate, you will find some easy to follow instructions for the installation. To complete this setup, you will need a few tools, though. These tools include a drill, a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a pencil, and a tape measure. 

For the rest of the setup, check out this video. 


  • Simple and nice design that goes with almost any décor 
  • Optional hardware and high-quality pressure mounting design gives it heightened security 
  • Can be extended to fit most sized openings 
  • Installation and setup are super simple 
  • An easy one-hand opening is great for those who have mobility issues 
  • Crafted with a durable and sturdy material 


  • The unit only comes with one extender; the other will have to be purchased separately 
  • There are no pure hardware mounting options that allow it to be used at the top of the stairs 


If you need a gate that can be transported or used at the top of the stairs, then the baby gate that we have been looking at may not be the best option for you. But we have found a good alternative in the Safety 1st Easy Install baby gate. 

Safety 1st Easy Install Metal Baby Gate 

Having a baby gate is a necessity, but what if you are always on the go? You don’t want to have to buy more than one gate, right? So having a gate that weighs almost 15 pounds doesn’t seem practical. This gate only weighs 10 pounds, which is much lighter and easier to transport. On top of that, this unit can easily be used at the tops of stairs, which the model we are looking at struggles with.  If you are looking for a pressure lock baby gate by Safety 1ts this is also a good option: 

Safety 1st Pressure Mount Lift

Safety 1St Auto-Close Pressure-Mounted Magnetic Latch Gate

Like the model we are looking at, this baby gate can be customized to the width you need and is relatively simple to set up. It is also fitted with a one-hand release handle that makes it easy to use when your hands are full. 

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of great features to the Munchkin gate. It is easy to set up and designed to be easy to use. If that is what you’re looking for, this could well be the end of your hunt. 

On the other hand, if it isn’t right, not only have we given you an alternative option, but we hope our look at this baby gate from Munchkin has helped you form a better must-have list for the continuation of your search.  If you are interested in gates around the fireplace or gates for stairs, take a look at one of our other articles.