Vevor Reviews

Finding the right specialized tools and equipment for a hobby or business can feel impossible. And when you've found what you need, a high price tag can be even more off-putting — especially if you're just starting out. 

Which is why you might turn to Vevor. Vevor is a brand that prides itself on making quality controlled tools, and selling them at a bargain price. The expansive product list includes items for home crafters, growing businesses, and established workplaces.

If you're curious about what Vevor can do for you, take a look at this guide. We have everything you need to know about the brand, and whether it's right for your needs. 

What Is Vevor?

Vevor is a brand that specializes in tough and durable equipment and tools, sold at a low price. Founded in 2007, they have warehouses across the globe, with the headquarters located in America.

What Can You Buy From Vevor?

No matter what craft, hobby, or repairs you're interested in, you're likely to find the equipment available from Vevor. Their range is exceptional, selling a mixture of products you need, want, and never knew existed.

This is, in our opinion, one of the best things about Vevor. You can get everything from a leather cutting machine, to wedding chair covers, to trailer hitches. If you've been struggling to get your hands on specialist equipment, then Vevor will probably have you covered. 

Vevor also sells everything you need to get a business started. If you are hoping to turn your hobby into a moneymaker, then Vevor can help you with the making, the packaging, the organizing, and the shipping.

Our Vevor Product Highlights

With so much choice, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options. Vevor sells a lot of equipment, including tools for agriculture, catering, and plumbing, as well as basic office supplies. Scrolling through the expansive product list can take a while.

So, here are our top picks from Vevor.


58mm(2.28") Button Maker Machine Punch Press With 1000 Parts Circle Cutter

This Vevor button maker is heavy-duty, hardworking, and inexpensive. The solid build gives it durability and longevity, while an ergonomic design and easy assembly makes this industrial construction suitable for home use.

The Vevor button maker uses locating pins and a stainless steel die to ensure precision, with accurate screw positioning to reduce misalignment.

It might take a few goes to get used to the technique, but in no time at all you can be consistently creating high-quality buttons. 

You aren't just limited to buttons, either. Create mirrors, keychains, fridge magnets, bottle openers, and rope ties with this intuitive machine.

And it costs under $150, which is a price that's hard to beat.


Mini Heat Press 10 X 10 Inch Portable Easy For T-shirts Touch Screen Diy

The smart design of this Vevor heat press machine uses a vibrate function for hands-free printing.

A double tube heater design improves the quality of the transfers, as a uniform heating helps every corner of the design transfer correctly. 

For less than $100, this impressive unit can transform your t-shirt printing hobby into a viable business.

The Vevor mini heat press has a wide application, compatible with HTV transfer vinyl, transfer paper, flock, glitter, and other heat-transfer materials.

With this mini heat press, you can create an extensive range of designs. And using the ergonomic handle, making these transfers becomes easier than ever.

Lightweight and portable, this mini heat press can transform your transfers.


Automatic Label Dispenseri Sticker Separating Label Stripper Dispenser Machine

A compact yet heavy-duty machine, this automatic label dispenser applies labels quickly and without wrinkles or scratches.

An adjustable feed roller ensures smooth feeding, reducing arm ache and speeding up the labeling process.

An integrated sticker separator allows you to separate stickers from labels, leaving them ready to apply.

The label dispensing system automatically feeds labels to your product, detecting the exact right time for application.  

A transparent sheet and roll label dispenser can peel the labels, avoiding any wrinkles or marks. And it does this with ease. Simply plug the machine in and let it get to work, with minimal interference.

If you're setting up your own business, the automatic label dispenser takes a time-consuming task, and makes it simple.

Vevor Pricing

Vevor is a brand that emphasizes low pricing. Across the range, Vevor makes specialist equipment for businesses and homes on a budget. 

Overall, we were very impressed with the pricing on Vevor. For new equipment, the pricing is some of the best around. Whether you're interested in arts and crafts or moving heavy machinery, Vevor offers a budget version of items that can be tricky to find.

Because of the low price, you do need to expect some reduced quality. But if you want something cheap to get a job done, it's hard to find better than Vevor. 

Vevor Customer Service

There are mixed messages when it comes to Vevor customer service. Some have had an excellent customer experience, while others report terrible customer service.

If you do need help, you'll find there are plenty of ways to contact Vevor. You can email them, call their support line, or visit their website. 

The return process is mixed. Vevor offers free returns within 30 days, but only for specific reasons. If your item doesn't match the description, you may not qualify for a refund, depending on the feedback you provide.

If you're feeling unsure over a purchase, the reduced returns' policy might put you off.

Final Thoughts: Is Vevor A Good Brand?

We think Vevor is a good brand, but one with some shortcomings.

First, the good. Vevor has an expansive range of cheap products, designed to be durable. If you want something specialized, or you're trying to build a business, Vevor is a fantastic starting place. You can get almost everything you need, at minimal cost. 

Now, the bad. Vevor is a budget brand, and that's reflected in some of the quality. For less specialized items, it's probably worth paying the extra. For example, we wouldn't recommend a Vevor sewing machine. Also, the returns' policy is poor, and customer service is mixed.

Overall, Vevor is a great way to get your hands on budget equipment that can be used to build a brand or indulge a hobby. But you'll probably be looking for a higher quality replacement in a few years time.